Kate Middleton Family

Kate Middleton is about to become part of the royal family, but she won't be leaving behind her own, big Middleton family. Here's a look at all of the Middletons, and info on who is and isn't invited to the royal wedding.

Parents: Carole and Michael Middleton.

Kate's mom Carole is a former flight attendant, while her father also worked as a flight attendant before becoming a flight dispatcher for British Airways. They've been married since 1980 and founded a party supply and decoration company called Party Pieces in 1987.

Sister: Pippa Middleton.

Pippa (real name Philippa) was born in 1983. She attended the University of Edinburgh with her sister and studied English literature. Pippa worked for an event planning company called Table Talk in 2008 and currently works for her parents' company. She is expected to have a prominent role in Party Pieces in the near future. Pippa will be the maid of honor for the royal wedding.

Brother: James Middleton.

The youngest Middleton, James, came along in 1987. James has a cake-making business called Cake Kit Company. He's a 23-year-old bachelor and dropped out of his English degree course at Edinburgh University to start his own business!.

Uncle: Gary Goldsmith.

Kate's uncle (her mother's younger brother) is painted as a wily character in the press. He allegedly got caught selling cocaine in 2009 to an undercover reporter, according to the NY Post! He's a so-called "tattooed IT millionaire"  and lives in London. Word has it when the royal engagement was announced he ditched his stripper girlfriend and has cleaned up his act. He scored an invite to the nuptials.

Cousin: Katrina Darling.

Katrina Darling, which we assume is a stage name, is a 20-year-old burlesque dancer in northeast England. She reportedly likes to strip to "Rule Britannia." She was not lucky enough to score an invite to the royal wedding.



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