Selena Gomez's Instagram Highlights

A Life in Snapshots: Privacy is so passé. Nowadays, it's the norm to live your life on social media, especially if you're a celebrity trying to cultivate and maintain a following. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, it's only logical that Instagram can tell us more about a person than anything written on Facebook or Twitter. We sure learned a lot about Selena Gomez.

She likes to lounge in a comfy robes. She's big into selfies. She'll never be too old to chase down the ice cream man. She's into leather. She's a beach person. She prefers convertibles. She's got a sweet-tooth. She's an art collector. She reps for Brooklyn. She likes to play in the ocean. She could pull off short hair if she wanted to. She loves flowers, real or otherwise. She often employs the help of a parasol. She's at peace in nature. She can get ready anywhere. Her filter game is on point. She doesn't skimp on jewelry. She finds open water soothing. She really, really loves her fans. All About Best And Beauty Selena Gomez's Instagram Highlights on



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